DARBO SAS was founded and started its production of particle boards in 1958. Today, the company is one of the major players in the French particle board market.

GRAMAX CAPITAL has acquired DARBO in 2015. DARBO is located in Linxe and delivers all over Europe raw particle boards and melamine faced particle boards to its industrial clients and panel products' distributors.

In order to guarantee our customers an optimal quality and performance, DARBO SAS is certified by external quality control organisations. Continuous investments secure a "state of the art" plant in this industrial sector.

With currently more than 500 thousand m³ production capacity, DARBO SAS is well prepared to fulfil its customers' demands.

DARBO SAS uses 100 % Maritime Pine which provides a distinct homogeneity and quality recognised all over Europe.

DARBO SAS is a raw and melamine faced particle board producing company. Located in Linxe, France, the company markets its products all over Europe to furniture manufacturers, other transformers, and also to specialized wood and panel products’ retailing markets.

1089, Route de la Lande, 40260 LINXE,France

+ 33 (0) 5 58 42 92 01


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